AT Engineering 2000 charity initiative

обратно към нашите новини



 The book fund of the National Library "Detko Petrov" today acquired a number of new books and titles. The donation made AT Engineering 2000, a construction company from Sofia that after the show of Slavi Trifonov broadcasted from Dimitrovgrad organized a charity initiative to donate books for the library. This is the third largest donation after the broadcast of the show that arrives at the National Library "Detko Petrov."



 Among the donated books are extremely valuable books, more than a dozen atlases, all issues of National Geographic magazine from the last few years, books from contemporary Bulgarian literature, world literature and children's books.

The librarian Elizabeth Georgiev commented infront FAR that the donation is of great significance to the library given that the number of Bulgarian books at the moment is not so rich compared to the number of books in Serbian language. In the library of the National Library "Detko Petrov" according to last year's census are about 11,000 books in Bulgarian, thanks to donations that number is now over 1500 new titles.